We're campers, just like you.

We're two guys from Long Island that enjoy spending our time camping with friends and family.

While sitting around the campfire having a few too many adult beverages, we were discussing (presumably very loudly) a sweatshirt that one of our friends had been wearing, and wondered why there isn't a brand specifically representing camping and campers.

After throwing around several ideas, "Camp Country" was blurted out.  We loved it.  To us, it's the perfect mix of camping and patriotism.  It's that place you arrive at, look around, take a deep breath in through your nose and think "now this, is camp country".

So with those things in mind, we started developing the Camp Country brand.  We love camping and we love our country, and we know you do too.  We hope you wear your Camp Country gear as proudly as we do.


"Camp Country"

America's Camping Group